Ultimate Defender

Goal Keeper


July 20-25, 2020

Ultimate Defender Goalkeeper Academy is an intense, immersive experience that hones the mind, the body, and the athlete.  The objective of the program is to prepare the keeper to combat the many unique challenges of the position, optimizing each athlete’s training environment and experiences through incorporation of research-based classroom and sport learning strategies. UD refines fundamental skills and trains the athlete to use advanced-level skills through guided learning of the tactical elements of the game. 


In addition to taking goalkeeping skills to new heights, this program is designed to enhance each athlete’s leadership skills, sport character, and motivation. The camp format allows for incorporation of exclusive mental skills training sessions, strength and agility sessions designed just for goalies, and a nightly leadership seminar available at no other camp in the country. Based on the teaching philosophy that “learning is a process and progress is success,” UD maximizes learning, develops autonomy and confidence, teaches positive self-critique, and guides effective goal attainment.



Head Coaches:

Ali Harris -- Cornell Univeristy


Caitlin Dallmeyer -- Lehigh University

Sarah Dalrymple -- Lafayette College

Mo Ordnung -- Ithaca College

Britt Walker -- Johns Hopkins University

             Contact:  Mike & Lori Beinlich   campmaplelake@gmail.com