Still in progress....

These cabins will be available to reserve by March 2021 (to rent this summer/fall)

through Yonder Wilderness Rentals.  

Stay Tuned!!

Med Shed

This is the cabin where our athletic trainers stay for sports camps.

Vintage Lake front cabin. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, no kitchen (does have a microwave, coffee maker, and fridge)

Coaches Cabin

Our coaches stay in this simple lake front cabin with a great view.  2 Baths, 3 bedrooms, upstairs bunks.  No formal kitchen (does have microwave, coffee maker, small fridge, and a grill on the deck)

The Cottage

This cabin has been recently remodeled and has the most modern accommodations on the camp property. 

2 bedrooms.  2 Baths.  Full kitchen. 

Although it is not lake front, 

it has a great view of our farm. 

You may see some cattle here. 


Vintage Lake front cabin.

4 bedrooms, 1 small bath, no formal kitchen (does have microwave, coffee maker and small fridge....)

Lakeside Lodge

The best sunrise porch view is right here.  Very comfortable accommodations.

5 bedrooms (3 king beds).

3 bathrooms.  Full kitchen.  

2 fireplaces.

Full basement.

Lake front porch & balcony 

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