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Coach Gene Mills







Summer 2020

July 12-16

weekend option: 16-19

July 19-23

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Phone: (315) 569-2746


Why Learn at Gene’s Camp?

  • Mean Gene’s Energetic Teaching Style

  • The one & only Charlie Heard

  • Olympian Carmelo Flores

  • Screwy Louie

  • Gene’s Surprise Guest Clinicians

Gene Mills Bio

Gene was a member of our US 1980 Olympic team and voted "Athlete of the Year" by the US Olympic Committee. He won two NCAA Championships and voted Outstanding Wrestler. Gene has won 3 World Cup Titles, pinned his way through the Pan-American Games, the prestigious Tblisi (USSR) Championships and voted the Outstanding Wrestler and the World Super Championships in Japan and voted the Outstanding Wrestler. He was inducted as a Distinguished Member to the Wrestling Hall of Fame in June 2000.


             Contact:  Mike & Lori Beinlich