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Welcome to Camp!  

In the beautiful Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania! 


You might be:

  • an athlete or Coach ready for our sports camps....

  • a woman needing a break at our Yoga/Art Retreats...

  • a part of a family gathering...

  • a member of a church youth group......               

Whoever you are.....   come as you are...                                                

and find acres to explore, wilderness beauty & memories to be made at Camp Maple Lake. 


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For More information:

Contact Mike or Lori at
CELL # 570-419-4907
368 Beinlich Rd
Forksville, PA 18616
Looking forward to joining with you in our Camp Maple Lake family!








Crazy Fun!
 Summer days here are filled with athletes: lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, and field hockey players. When our campers have free time,

they like to go fishing,

take canoes out on the lake, practice tricks on the

swimming pool's twin diving boards, and play ping pong in the Rec Hall.

The Snack Shack is a popular spot at night for everyone who enjoys

ice cream, good music, and fun.

Family Owned & Operated

Camp Maple Lake is a family owned business, operated by Mike, Lori,

and their daughters: Kaiti, Leah, and Bethany Beinlich

(including lots of help from extended family).  

Our home & farm borders this camp property.  It is a special place to us. 

We were married next to Camp Maple Lake in 1994,

19 years before we became Camp Owners.

We are certain that you will feel part of our "camp family"

when you spend time here on the mountain.

Natural Setting

Nestled in the endless mountains of Pennsylvania, this camp is a place to unplug.... to savor the sound of canoes paddling through lake water...

to breathe in the Sullivan County crisp air, and listen to the wildlife.

Our coaches love the week for their athletes to

"LIVE IN 3D", disconnect from social media

& connect with their sport, with nature, & each other.   


Other groups that have come have enjoyed this peaceful setting by

lighting up the sky with "sky lanterns" over the lake or playing guitar

next to a campfire, or taking a hike on the path behind the lake .



"Offer hospitality to one another.

Serve with the strength God provides so that He may be praised."

1 Peter 4:9-11

             Contact:  Mike & Lori Beinlich